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Our machi­nes knit thre­ads of the most varied qualities

MBruecher und Soehne Textilien

Tex­ti­les of the most dif­fe­rent qua­li­ties and imple­men­ted in every thin­ka­ble area

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Pro­fes­sio­nal com­mit­ted employees working a three shift sys­tem on power­ful effi­ci­ent machines

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We pro­duce accor­ding to your specifications

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Pre­ci­sion dri­ven production

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Our tex­ti­les are of the hig­hest quality

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If requi­red the cloth sur­face can be roug­he­ned up into a vel­vet like pile

Jer­sey cloth manufacturers

We are an owner-managed manu­fac­tu­rer for jer­sey cir­cu­lar knit­ted and ruf­fled up fabric. For over 60 years we have pro­du­ced qua­lity knit­wear in sin­gle and dou­ble knit at our loca­tion in Mönchengladbach-Neuss in NRW. Our Hall­mark is com­pe­ti­tive pri­ces, fast pro­duct avai­l­a­bi­lity and fle­xi­ble order processing.


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E-Mail: mail@bruecher-jersey.de